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Rachana Ranade Biography, Net worth, Age, Family

CA Rachana Ranade is a well-known YouTube instructor in finance and In the stock market. She has a reputation for clarifying complex financial ideas so that a broad audience may understand them. Her training as a chartered accountant and her work experience in the finance sector provide her with a wealth of stock knowledge. Through webinars, classes, and videos, She shares her expertise to help individuals understand and navigate the stock market. Her ability to effectively communicate, provide real-world examples, and be committed to educating others with financial knowledge are the reasons behind her success as a stock instructor.

Early life of Rachana Ranade

Rachana Ranade was born on 26 June 1986 in Pune Maharashtra India and she started her Youtube journey in 2015. His YouTube videos mostly discuss money, the stock market, big business ideas, and marketing strategies. She has 4.73 million subscribers on YouTube. She has 10 years of experience in teaching the stock market, till now she taught more than 10 thousand students in the classroom and 10 lakh online. he used to teach audit subjects to the CAPICC and final-year students. Before starting her own business and becoming an independent certified public accountant (CPA), Ranade started her career as an auditor with Deloitte & Touche India. Numerous news outlets and publications, such as NDTV Profit and Forbes India, have featured her.

Quick bio of Rachana Ranade

Name Rachana Ranade
Occupation Chartered Accountant, YouTuber, Influencer, Entrepreneur and Teacher
Age (as of 202437 years
Father nameNo information
Mother name No information

Husband name



Akshay Ranade


Brother name



Rajesh Phadke Ranade





One Mega Ranade

Religion Hinduism
Hobbies Music and Singing
Height In feet & inches 5’3’

Education of Rachana Ranade

She attended the English-medium Abhinava Vidyalaya for her education. At the Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, she registered for classes. She finished her bachelor’s degree in commerce and joined The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in 2008 after graduating. She graduated with a master’s in business studies from Savitribai Phule Pune University in 2012.

Family of Rachana Ranade

On June 12, 2011, Rachana and CA Akshay Ranade married. The couple is the parents of Mega Ranade. Her brother, C A Rajesh Phadke, is the managing director of UNICS and an Indian businessman. Her father worked at Kirloskar Brother Limited in the finance department, and her mother obtained an MA in English. Her grandfather was an English teacher at Sir Parashurambhau College.

The net worth of Rachana Ranade

Based on reliable estimates, Rachana Ranade’s net worth is roughly $300,000. She gets revenue from various sources, including YouTube, advertisements, promotions, joint ventures, and the courses she charges for. She also earns 80 to 90 lakh from YouTube membership.

Social Presence of Rachana Ranade

YouTube Channel CA Rachana Phadke Ranade
Telegram ChannelCa Rachana Ranade Official-Telegram Channel
Instagram ca_rachanaranade
FacebookRachana Phadke Ranade
TwitterRachana Ranade

Some important facts about Rachana Ranade

She met her husband in the 11th class when they were studying in school. In her childhood, she wanted to be a singer or music teacher but she chose to pursue CA just so she could spend more time with her then boyfriend.

She began working after obtaining her CA, but soon became dissatisfied with her position and chose to teach college students part-time as a lecturer while still working as a CA. She eventually decided to make teaching her full-time career.

She created her YouTube channel primarily to teach her CA students To make it easier for students to view the lectures, she posted a couple of them. Due to her excellent financial knowledge, she later decided to focus on the stock market.

His YouTube channel experienced significant growth during COVID-19, getting one million subscribers on average each month.

She worked with the Sebi investor awareness program to aware people of the stock market and approximately she conducted 150 carmines.

Twelve channels, including her CA Rachana Phadke Ranade YouTube channel, have been selected by YouTube Next. She is also the first Indian YouTuber to be highlighted as one of the nine Women bosses who inspire us on YouTube on the official YouTube blog. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki also referred to her in the message.

People also ask:

Who is CA rachana ranade?

CA Rachana Ranade is a well-known YouTube educator in finance and the stock market and She is known for making difficult financial concepts understandable.

What is the award of Rachana Ranade?

At the Global Award, she was given the Best YouTube Content of India Award 2023. Furthermore, at the Maharashtra Mata Sanman event, she was given the “Youth Icon 2023 Award.” She received the award from Maharashtra’s deputy chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis, and chief minister Eknath Shinde.

Is Rachana Ranade Sebi registered?

She works with the Sebi Investor Awareness Program to educate individuals about the stock market, even though she is not a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser.

What is the full name of Rachana Ranade?

Rachana Phadke Ranade is her full name and she is popular for CA Rachana Ranade.

Rachana Ranade Age?

She is 37 years old

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